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Advertising panel (billboard)

Advertising panel is considered to be the most traditional, the most efficient and the most budget-priced kind of outdoor advertising.

Billboards, often installed in the most crowded urban areas, have an effective impact both on those who are in the transport and those who are in the streets.

At night time billboards may be illuminated with the light sources, which provide light level – not less than 95%.

Billboard standard dimensions are 3х6 m, but it may also be of other dimensions.

Usually the image is applied by large-format full-color printing either on special paper for single use with promotional purpose or on a banner fabric in case of its future re-usage or longer period of usage.

SP Columb Ltd offers the production of high-quality large-format printing on any fabric.

Advertising panel with a printing on banner
fabric (vinyl)

Advertising panel with a printing
on paper



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