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Cross street banners, building banners, brandmauers.

Building banner, due to its low-cost, is used as a temporary signboard on buildings. These signboards may be of different dimensions. Banner is a vinyl canvas, fixated either directly onto a wall of the building or on the metal frame. Cross street banners are fixated on cables. In the process of manufacturing, image is applied by large-format printer as a full-color printing on banner fabric.

For sizable signboards large dimensions or in condition of strong winds, vinyl net is used. Such material is usually used for large image printings, with the purpose of subsequent concealment of building sides subject to construction or reconstruction. In these cases, vinyl net, in addition to decorative function, is able to fulfill another function protection against street dirt.

In addition to mentioned above, vinyl net is also used to create stage sets and decorate points of sale and exhibition stands.

Material lightness and high wind resistance allow us to assemble constructions without any additional heavy mounting devices. Net can also be characterized by high soundproofing characteristics.


Banners on the building sides on a banner net

Banners on the building sides on a banner net
Vinyl cross street banner
Vinyl cross street banner
Vinyl banner on a bridge construction
Vinyl banner on buildings



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