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Illuminated advertising

Projected signs, illuminated letters, lightboxes, fence-lights.

 Internal illumination of these advertising structures allows the advertisement work not only in the day, but also at night-time.

Small-sized city-lights may be installed on the sidewalks and along the roads, and allowing the image be within the eyeshot of the pedestrians, drivers and transport passengers.

Fence-lights, placed as fence element, have also internal illumination and it is oriented on a wide range of consumers.

Projected signs, illuminated letters and lightboxes will make a facade of your building, shop and office noticeable and memorable.

Alongside with that, SP Columb Ltd can also offer the production of printed on paper advertising images with the use of special illumination advertisement. This technology provides brightness and contrast of the printed image and is also resistant to negative external factors, stable in the environment of high humidity.

City-light at night-time,
dimension - 1,2х1,8 m
City-light in the day-time,
dimension - 1,2х1,8 m
Lightbox, dimension - 3х6 m
(fence with illumination)



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