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 Memorable stand of the champagne factory 'New World', executed on a polished metal slab in a frame, with the use of coined add-on letters, together with the coined add-on emblem of the factory, made by technology of full-color printing on metal. Dimension - 100х170 cm

Memorable stand of Lugansk regional lyceum in a frame. The background of the souvenir is made of fabric, accomplished with coined volumetric letters on it, a flag, an emblem, pictures, made by the method of full-color image placed under optical lens, together with tablets, made by full-color printing on metal technology. Dimension - 60х85 cm

Tax Police stand – panel picture. Produced by the technology of full-color printing on oracal, using plastic elements with transparent oracal, together with Lugansk memorable panorama places, made by mirrorlike acryl laser cutting method. Dimension - 180х250 cm



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