Representative plaques

Representative plaques, sets, certificates, metal cards (corners) - are products, manufactured with the use of full-color printed on metal elements. They may be manufactured on either velvet or fine wood base with add-on elements (by methods such as full-color printing under an optical lens, coining, multicolored enameling). Add-on letters and add-on elements, made by stamping method, may also be gilded, nickeled or covered with multicolored enamels, that adds high presentability to a product. Decorative frames, profile metal cutting process and volumized unique elements may also be applied to manufacture the products.

These products are designed to suit individual customer’s requirements and may be accomplished with national, local, departmental, club and corporate symbolics.

If necessary, products may be complemented with special wooden and leatherette cases, or other exclusive packaging.

All products are being manufactured at our own production base with the use of high quality domestic and foreign materials.