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Flags, pennants, banners, flagpoles and stands of flags, as well as medals, badges and awards

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Production - Ukraine
Contact information: 

Mobile phone: +38 (050) 328-85-81,+38 (050) 132-94-67

SP Columb Ltd is a manufacturer of flag, iconic and souvenir products

About us

Since its founding SP Columb Ltd is the leader in the production of the flags and souvenirs on the territory of Ukraine. A wide range of products, such as public and corporate flags, advertising and promotional flags, pennants, banners, flagpoles and stands of flags, as well as medals, badges and awards are made on the modern, high-tech production facilities of our company. In great demand among our customers are heraldic products and business class gifts.

Our company does not stand still. We actively develop and put into manufacture new products. So, recently, we have arranged production of quality textile labels and stickers, signs, plaques, and other promotional products. SP Columb Ltd does not work with the contractors, all our products are manufactured at our own production base. It allows us to control and maintain quality of the products at the highest level.

    Industrial Base and Divisions:

    • Computer-designing group
    • CAD/CAM department
    • Assembly-cutting department
    • Silk-screen printing department
    • Thermo-printing department
    • Binding department
    • Sewing department
    • Souvenir department
    • The department of special technologies
    • Technical control service
    • Case producing department
    • Wooden processing department
    • Stone decorative processing department
    • The department of vacuum formation and flocation
    • Auto transport department, dispatching service
    • The department of silver and special covering of details
    • The department of textile and self- adhesive labels
    • Building group

    Tool-making facilities:

    • Electro erosion processing department
    • Thermo processing department
    • Pressing and stamping department
    • Locksmith’s mechanical department
    • Locksmith’s assembly department


    Production - Ukraine

    Contact information:

    Mobile phone: +38(050)328-85-81, +38(050)132-94-67

    Novelty at our production. French tie.
    Brand new souvenirs for Sechenov Moscow Medical State University made by “Columb”
    Souvenir products with the symbols of Uzbekistan