SP Columb Ltd produces flags and banners of any size and any complexity. The manufacture of flags is based on thermo-sublimation printing technology ('sublistatik'), which allows getting flags and pennants with clear multi-color (if necessary - full-color) images. There are samples of ready products on the following pages:


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Technological capabilities allow making any image on textiles without restrictions on the complexity and size, with the heraldic and trademark logotypes, including full-color bitmapped images. High wear resistance and color fastness of the flags were confirmed by the Ukrainian Navy and certified by the State test center. The color scheme and design of manufactured Flag products are carried out in full accordance with the approved descriptions.

Flags are made in accordance with the approved State Standard of Ukraine's specifications: military and navy signal flags - in accordance with the regulations of the Ukrainian Navy. The quality of produced flags is controlled by the military formal acceptance. All flag products, including cabinet and table stands are made on our own production base with the use of high technology materials, procured from direct suppliers. This allows us to produce flag products according to the requirements of customers.

You can buy and order flags, banners, small flags, pennants, cabinet and table flag/pennant stands by sending an e-mail or by phone, or by contacting directly sales department or our store in Lugansk. There are also representative offices in Kiev, in Moscow - Columb Ru, and in Europe - Columb EU.