Modern flagpoles are considered to be the essential element of the flag’s culture.

A stylish, practical, colorful advertising flag in conjunction with an elegant flagpole - is an efficient and cost-effective advertising, a solid business card and a significant component of the state symbol, corporate identity or brand.

Proper installation of a certified flagpole demands non-recurring cost, which will be many times repaid by long durability of the flag on it.

SP Columb Ltd offers a wide range of European quality flagpoles with masts made of anodized aluminum and fiberglass.The proposed flagpoles:

  • comply with European standards and can withstand high wind loads
  • resistant to climatic conditions
  • lightweight and fully equipped for easy installation and replacement of flags
  • construction and bundled accessories help to reduce wind loads on the flags and, accordingly significantly increase the life of the flags
  • do not require additional maintenance costs


The outstanding features of the fiberglass masts are: their high flexibility that essentially reduces wind loads on the flag with churly blasts, the complete absence of permanent residual deformation, lower noise characteristics and elegant figure of solid conic design.


The height of the masts is from 6 to 18 m. It is possible to produce higher masts according to client's special order. An Exlusive mast height is up to 10m. Standard color of masts:

  • silver - for aluminum flagpoles
  • white - for the fiberglass flagpoles


The warranty period of masts is 5 years. Life time is at least 15 years.


For flags, banners, table flags and pennants there is a variety of single-and multi-seat stands.

- stationary flagpoles

- mobile, telescopic flagpoles

- facade flagpoles

- table and cabinet stands for flags and pennants