There is a possibility of a complex order of flags and souvenirs for the same region, enterprise, organization or institution that provides clients to arrange such tasks as:

  • - to support one style in the corporate culture, taking into account its specificity in the development of branding, souvenir and promotional products
  • - implementation of a step-by-step payment for the complex of works
  • - planning of the budget for a certain period of time for this type of expenditure
  • - reduction of the cost of production orders by using of previous works, ready tools
  • - a significant reduction of time in development of totally new products


Due to the constant implementation of new technologies in SP Columb Ltd the range of possible products is constantly expanding, that allows customers to order new product samples constantly.

Catalogues of manufactured products  provide an opportunity for the customers to make an appropariate order.

- products with state symbols

- products with the symbols of enterprises, organizations, institutions

- souvenir products with UEFA EURO 2012 TM