Novelty at our production. French tie.

Submitted on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 07:55

We offer you manufacturing of unusual woman accessory – french tie.

This product can be produced in corporate colors and with company logo. The design can be such, that neck kerchief (french tie) can decorate business suite or dress, t-shirt, save and emphasize corporate style, or just become a zest of women’s look as business lady so housekeeper.

French tie. Material - wet silkFrench tie. Material - satinFrench tie. Material - two-layer satinFrench tie. Material - wet silk

We accept orders for producing of neck kerchiefs (French ties) with circulation from 30 pieces. Cost can be given by sales-managers of our company by contacting via phone call or e-mail. The price includes design of original layout, producing and delivery.

French tie (neck scarf) Greenway two-layer stitched satin A1