Awards, orders and medals

It is important for any enterprise, establishment, company or educational institution to emphasize on its status, significance and corporate identity. Awards, orders and medals are considered to be not only an essential attribute of any gala occasion or well established advertising, but also a strong opportunity to commemorate and appreciate people who deserve the award. Orders, medals and awards are distinguished by unique forms, big depth of coinage, various variants of pendants: bars, chains, etc. When necessary, products may be completed in special plastic or velvet cases or other packaging. Alongside with that, they may be complemented with miniature variants of orders and certificates.

Commemorative medals, awards and orders are produced due to memorable dates, anniversaries, professional holidays, conferences, exhibitions, contests and other events and occasions. Bright, qualitative and unique medal production helps to keep fond memories about passed holidays for a long time, to differentiate employee’s achievements, to make present guests and sponsors with an effective souvenir, in order to emphasize on the significance and solidity of the event.

Medals, awards and orders are manufactured by coining with different types of coatings and multicolored enamels. They can also be manufactured by the combination of direct engraving and printing on metal method as well as the method of full-colored image placing under an optical lens. If needed, they may be complemented with a miniature variant and certificate, completed in different cases.