Flags on flagpoles

Promotional and corporative flags are considered to be a good and dynamic advertising method.

Flags perfectly emphasize on the corporate identity of any organization, being an essential part of the company’s image.

The cost depends on flag’s dimension, kind of applied fabric, the printed area of the image (initially the fabric is white), method of printing (single-sided or double-sided printing), flags quantity, the total amount of the order.

State flags. Such flags are weather flying on the flagpoles or being installed in the city areas, or in front of  the administrative buildings

Promotional and corporative flags are installed in front of the hotels, shops, car dealerships, patrol stations, on exhibitions, demonstrations or other promotional events

Flags in front of the shops and shopping centers

Flags in front of the office buildings and company representations

Возле офисов взле офисов и представительств Возле офисов и представительств

Flags in front of the hotels

возле отелей возле гостиниц и отелей

Flags in front of the car dealerships

Flags in the patrol stations areas

Advertising flags for demonstrations and promotional events

Flags with a host-city decoration purpose, subject to international competitions events

Flags and banners installation at the exhibition, is considered to be one of the best ways to demonstrate  company’s identity to the participants of the exhibition, as well as to be noticeable for its visitors. Such type of flag production is an ongoing, or we call it also “talking advertisement”. Among such advertising products we distinguish:  hanging on the ceiling banners, promotional flags and pennants on mobile telescopic flagpoles, flags with sloping flagpoles placed at the exhibition area, advertising panels on special constructions “roll-up”