Table, cabinet stands for flags and pennants

Different single- and multi-places stands are manufactured for cabinet flags, standards, table flags and pennants. Flag stands can be:

 - steel with polymer covering




- steel, nickel-plated

- with a granite foundation

flag Azerbaijan


Flag stands height – 33-45 cm. Other exclusive dimensions of the stands is possible as well, at customer’s option.

Stands are manufactured for pennants:

       -steel with polymer covering

      - steel, nickel-plated

          -steel, gold-plated

          -with a granite foundation. Complete stem is made-up:

and precast stock:


Combined multi-place stands for pennants and flags are possible, at customer’s option.

Cabinet stands are manufactured of hardwood (beech, oak, ash), covered with special decorative-protective composition.




Total standard stand height is 2,75 m. Such flagpole stand consists of two parts, depending on the size of a flag. Cabinet stands for flags of 90х135 cm and 140х210 cm are produced at our enterprise on the line. At customer’s option, the manufacture of cabinet stands for flags of any dimensions is possible.

Covering color is chosen at customer’s option.

Production of a cabinet stand with a granite foundation and cabinet stands with sole metallic flagpoles on a wooden foundation is possible.


Manufacture of cabinet stands.

In case of frequent transportation necessity of cabinet stands with flags for different ceremonial and official occasions, there is a possibility to order special transportation cases.